WS Flash Masta In Stock Now

Christmas Batch Of WS Flash Masta Carts

We have a very limited supply of WS Flash Masta cartridges. I really thought we wouldn’t get any of these built until the new year. Andrew saw all the interest in WS carts thanks to your commenting on our recent posts, so he took it upon himself to solder up as many as he could.

The batch we were able to make is only 11 cartridges. I know that people have been waiting for these, but I honestly don’t know how long they will last.

Update: WOW, those sold out very quickly. I expected them to go through the weekend. Thanks for all the interest. This just shows that we need to make more again, soon.

So, here is our Christmas gift to you. Of course it’s not free like a proper present, but Andrew did go out of his way to build these this week. Merry Christmas!

We did actually bake these in our oven (a soldering reflow oven) like some how Christmas goodies get made.

As always, please read the full description of the product before you make a purchase.

P.S. I know that in our previous post “Tell Your Friends, 10% Off For The Holidays” we gave out a 10% off coupon code for the Neo Pocket Flash Masta. Unfortunately, we can’t extend that offer to the WS Flash Masta Cartridges, because this is such a small batch.

6 comments on “WS Flash Masta In Stock Now
  1. DirkSwizzler says:

    Nooooo I missed it πŸ™

    I hope there will be another batch in the near’ish future.

  2. Sylver says:

    I can’t believe it … it appeared during the night for me, I just woke up and nothing left ! This is a Nightmare πŸ™

  3. Xiden says:

    Dang missed out! Looking forward to next batch

  4. s0m128 says:

    Wow, I guess I’m way too late… Please make more soon.

  5. Eric Bailey says:

    I hope you guys bring some more out soon, I was completely broke when I saw you had like 3 left. πŸ™

  6. Rinpoe says:

    Please do! As a Wonderswan collector I could use at least one.

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