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Finally, Some News!

I can’t believe that it’s been so long since my last post. Commenter Lukezab wrote in wondering if progress had stopped. NO, it hasn’t. Here’s what’s been going on. My last couple posts here have been about Trouble With Robots

Stickers Shipping / WonderSwan News

First of all, thanks for helping to make our survey a success.  We are no longer taking survey submissions, because it’s a maintenance issue to keep up with new responses.  If you still want your voice heard, please leave a

New Stickers And A Survey With WonderSwan Questions

They are finally here. STICKERS!!! Click here if you are interested in a WonderSwan flash cart development kit and would like to help direct our focus! EDIT: Poll Closed (If you still want your voice heard, please leave a comment

WonderSwan Flash Masta – WS/WSC Flash Cartridge

Thanks to a loyal retro gamer, I now have a WonderMagic WonderSwan Flash Cart system in my posession. This should signify the start of the WonderSwan Flash Masta project. You can see a quick picture I took of the kit