SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Keychain


This keychain is made from an official SNK Neo Geo Pocket game cartridge circuit board. It has been rubberized to protect it (and your pocket), and a ring has been added to make clipping it on your keychain (or necklace) easier.

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Each of these keychains started out as an official SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color game cartridge circuit board, and, in some cases, a sticker was placed on the back of the board. Then, the board was rubberized to protect you from the sharp corners and to protect the board from the elements (like your keys). Finally, a metal ring was added to make it easy for you to clip the board to your keys, backpack, hoodie zipper, dogtags, Mr. T. style gold necklace, lanyard, mobile phone, etc.

Please view the photos, as we have several different styles. We have noticed that the ones without stickers turn out much better. We will likely be making more of those and choosing them for future your order. When we package up your purchase, your keychain will be chosen at random. If you purchase more than one, we will try to make the styles you receive as diverse as possible.

Note that these are being rubberized by hand and the circuit boards may not be in 100% new condition to begin with. You will receive something that is likely to appear handmade in some respects. We are making these, because we think retro gamers like yourself will enjoy them as a conversation piece. They are definitely not collector quality. Expect imperfections (such as small air bubbles under the rubber, rubber drips/runs, rubber on the ring, bent ring, etc.).

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