I QUIT! (My Job)

Wow, I’ve eluded to big changes on the horizon of my personal life. Today I can finally talk about them. I’m guessing this will be the first of a series of posts, because I don’t really have time for really diving into the subject. I will be trying to keep you guys informed of developments here, but I am also starting a more personal site at www.EdMandy.com, but it might not even be quite up and running when you read this.

More posts can’t be a bad thing, though. I noticed that it’s almost been 2 months since my last post. Wow, time flies when you’re getting ready to buy a house, move to another state, and quit a job you’ve been at for 15 years.

So, yeah, yesterday I put in my resignation at the job I’ve worked for the past 15 years (PLUS 3 summer internships). It was very surreal. Of course, it will greatly impact my life, but it will also have an effect on my co-workers.

Again, I can’t really go too in depth today, but here are my basic plans:

  • Buy a house (DONE)
  • Move everything to the new house (HALF DONE)
  • Quit my job (I put in my 2 weeks yesterday)
  • Start working on an iPad/iPhone game (much more on this later)
  • Start some entrepreneurial ventures (like flashmasta.com)
  • Sell our current house (start selling in about a week from now)
  • Move the family (after school is complete on June 6th and our house is sold)

That seems like a simple list, but it’s a lot of work. That stuff has been my main focus recently, and I’m sorry that the Flash Masta project has suffered in the meantime. Once I am set up again in the new location, I will be able to focus on my projects (like this) a lot better. I really hope/expect this to be a positive move for this project and others (like the WonderSwan Flash Cart) I’ve started but haven’t had a chance to complete.

As always, please comment. I really like interacting with you guys. If you want to head over to http://www.edmandy.com/ and see more info about me there, please do. I hope to have that site more functional/informative in the coming weeks. Also, I’ve been using Twitter a lot more lately, so check me out @FreeplayTech. Thanks for the support over the years.

14 comments on “I QUIT! (My Job)
  1. jrronimo says:

    Holy cow! Good luck and congratulations! 😀

  2. mic says:

    Fifteen years at the same place.. that’s quite some time :T I’m only half-way there. Good luck with your new endeavours.

  3. Morden says:

    Big things happening, I see! No wonder it’s been this quiet around here. Fifteen years, huh? It would be really scary to me to change jobs after so many years, unless I was becoming my own boss. Good luck with all of your plans!

  4. Flavor says:

    Thanks for the well wishing, guys! Yeah, it’s been quiet around. I know that. I really want to hit this harder once I get all moved. It has just been hard with all the time spent on buying a new (to us) house, cleaning/painting the old house, fixing up the new house, planning the future, etc. I know you guys will understand, but I want to be better about keeping you informed now that I feel like I can go public with this stuff. Before I was really worried about someone I work with reading something I post, so I haven’t posted much anywhere lately.

  5. WyndCrosser says:

    Congrats?!?! good luck with everything. You’re the Jeff Kurtz of the NGPC world. Now it’s time to make me a wonderswan flash cart lol

    • Flavor says:

      Believe me, this is #1 on my list of hardware projects to complete. Well, that is if you don’t count redoing a kitchen, laying flooring, etc. 😀

  6. Tehcno says:

    So you’ve finally gone and done it. I wish you and family well during this transitional period.

  7. Kaz says:

    Woah, big steps that Flav! You have a plan (they always look so deceptively simple) and that’s a great commitment. Did not know you were making an iOS game; good luck man!

    I’ve gotta keep up with this newfangled social media you kids are into these days.


    • Flavor says:

      Hey Kaz! I do have a plan, and I hope that it works out like my vision in my head.

      I hadn’t announced the iOS game part previously. I don’t think you missed anything there. I will probably be writing more like http://www.edmandy.com/2013/05/videogame-development-for-fun-and-profit/ at EdMandy.com about that stuff.

      I know what you mean about the social media. I’m not a huge fan, but I’ve learned that Twitter and YouTube can be good tools for me to find and connect with other retro handheld gamers.

  8. richi says:

    How’s the project card?
    We are all very excited at the epeño who are you putting
    hope to see results soon
    A greeting

    • Flavor says:

      Hey richi. Things are going well. The iOS/Android game is coming along VERY nicely. I think it will be a success. I have some new NGPC Flash Masta bundles almost ready, too. Other than that, I’m working on a WonderSwan flash cartridge. Life is good!

      Are you interested in anything in particular?


  9. richi says:

    hello again
    Thanks for your answer
    Yeah, I’m waiting on acerme with a flash cartridge WonderSwan
    I’m the type who likes retro,
    Y and etado looking theme WonderSwan cartridge
    No rush, and you know that here you have a safe pliente
    sorry if something does not entienede, I use the google translator

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