5 Bundles Left / Downtime During Holidays

Santa Mai Thanks To Giosuke's Deviantart

Thanks to all you guys that have supported this project by purchasing Flashmasta/Linkmasta bundles in the past month. On Nov. 21st I announced that I had 20 bundles ready, and now it’s down to 5. So, if you’re thinking about getting one, there are only 5 left, and I’m not sure when I’ll be building more. I have parts to build more, but I also have other projects (and real life) to work on. I don’t mean to say this to scare anyone into buying anything. I just want to keep you guys informed.

Also, I want to let everyone know that I will not be shipping anything between December 22nd and January 2nd. I want to reserve that time for family, and I think things will be too hectic to commit to fulfilling orders.

I guess that both of these things add up to mean that if you’re planning on getting one, you should do it ASAP. After Dec. 21st, I will still take orders, but I will not ship them out until after the 2nd. Please be aware of this if you order during that time.

Thank you again for following the project. Next year, I hope to bring new ideas and products both to the Neo Geo Pocket scene and others. Stay tuned, and have a Merry Christmas or other happy holiday time!

4 comments on “5 Bundles Left / Downtime During Holidays”

  1. Kaz Reply

    Happy Holidays Flav. Heh. Kinda wish you saved the red and green ones for this season.
    Always appreciative for everything you’ve done to spread the joy of the NGPC.

    • Flavor Reply

      Heh Heh! Good call, Kaz. The only seasonal thing I can think of for yellow is the snow you don’t want to eat.


  2. Eddy Reply

    Hi Ed,

    just wanted to say THANK YOU for developing and sending me thie nice item.
    Works absolute perfect for me and the PCB quality is also impressive for this
    small match.
    Please keep on developing and supporting this small console, maybe in future with the rom menu system … 🙂

    All the Best !

    • Flavor Reply

      Don’t worry, Eddy. I have new ideas and new developments in the works. I’ll keep making the stuff and hopefully keep improving it. The MultiROM menu is just one thing that’s on the long list of items to work on. 😀

      Thanks for the nice comment!

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