Spotting Fakes

Keep reading to find out how to spot a fake.

Authentic / Official

Here are examples of authentic “Flash Masta” Neo Geo Pocket cartridges that were officially made by

The sticker on the outside of the cartridge has looked like this for years. Notice that it is mainly red and black with a small “” URL on it.

Official Neo Pocket Flash Masta

Fakes / Bootlegs / Knockoffs / Clones / Counterfeits / Replicas

Here are examples of counterfeit fake bootleg knockoff clone “Flash Masta” Neo Geo Pocket cartridges that we do not make or support. It is often listed as a “2 in 1” cart.

Look at the areas on the circuit board that are marked with yellow ovals and compare them to the official cartridge circuit board photos above. They have made a copy of the electrical traces, but notice the different switch, flash chips, and text.

We have never produced stickers or cartridges with orange on them. If a cartridge looks like this on the outside, it’s likely fake. Our stickers have our website’s address on them, and we typically use a red/black color scheme.

Fake / Bootleg / Knockoff / Clone
This is a screenshot of a listing found on another site. If the description says “clone,” then maybe it’s a clone of ours.

What To Do

If you encounter one of these counterfeit Flash Masta cartridges online, we would request that you tag the sale as a counterfeit replica. Resale sites may have a “Report item” link where you can flag the sale as “Copyright and trademark” infringement as a “Counterfeit, fake, or replica item.”

If you have purchased one of these bootleg replicas, we suggest that you try to get a refund. You may be able to do so by returning the item, but some resale sites may side with you and allow you to keep the cartridge if you mark the sale as “Brand not as described” or that the product was counterfeit.

If you are having problems using a counterfeit bootleg product, please do not contact us. We didn’t make it. We can’t support it. We can’t repair it. Contact the seller and ask for a refund.