Atari Lynx Flash Cartridge: “Flashmasta Lynx”

In case you didn’t see this on my YouTube feed, I’ve been tinkering with some new ideas. This one is a flash cartridge for the Atari Lynx. This is an early prototype that has some problems and missing features, but it’s still a good proof of concept. If you don’t want to miss when I post YouTube stuff (which I hope to do more frequently), subscribe to my YouTube channel and get updated that way.

In a day or two, I plan to post some other news, but I thought I should toss this out there while I was thinking about it.

21 comments on “Atari Lynx Flash Cartridge: “Flashmasta Lynx””

  1. Mark Wolfe Reply

    Put me down for one 🙂 I wonder how that will fit in the other Lynx console, which is the one I have actually, I think it has less room.

    • Flavor Reply

      I need to get a Lynx II. I had one that I got on eBay, but I sent it back. It had some screen issues, and I wasn’t 100% happy with how the seller handled it. Anyway, all I’ve proven is that it can run stuff. I’d like to add some more features like multiple banks and maybe support for reading/writing data via MicroSD. MicroSD probably wouldn’t be used to hold games, but it could be used to store data for new homebrew amazingness. Who knows, though, if things go well, it could store entire games.

  2. LX Reply

    Looks awesome. I would really appreciate the multiple banks and MicroSD support. That would bring a whole bunch of new options for the homebrew community to explore. Another tip for a completed cart would be USB support to hook it up to a PC.
    Keep up this good stuff. Please let me know when you have it finished. I am definitely interested. If you need a tester, same goes.

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, I plan to have the USB included on the cart, too. For prototyping, I have that ribbon cable, but I think I can integrate it all together.

      I’m pretty certain that I can add banking and MicroSD, but I’m not sure how it’ll all work. The MicroSD access may be slowish, but it would allow for mass storage for stuff like gfx, audio, saving data, etc.

      Thanks for commenting. It’s always appreciated!

  3. LX Reply

    One other feature request is that the USB connection be at the top of the flashcart when inserted. Right now, with Lynxman’s flashcart it is to the side. That means I have to take it out of the Lynx, hook it up to USB, disconnect and insert again. When doing a dev/test/fix cycle this is pretty tedious.

    • Flavor Reply

      Thanks. That’s good to keep in mind. I’m not sure it will program in-system, though. I tried that with my current setup, but the problem is that the voltages have to interconnect, and the voltage from my programmer/cart actually started the Lynx. The problem there is that the Lynx will try to drive the address lines at the same time as the programming process will.

      Anyway, it’s still worth exploring. Thanks for the input!

      • Marc Reply

        Could it be possible to use a mosfet to swich the power off to the lynx connector when usb is plugged ?

  4. Sean Killingbeck Reply

    Sounds awesome, i can hardly wait. As soon as you get the kinks ironed out and start selling, i’ll be one of the first in line to buy. Also, i recieved my sticker for my flashmaster, thank you very much, buy the way, we enjoyed the art from yor daughter too. Keep up the great work!

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, that was a special shipment batch that got the hand-colored artwork. I was sending out some more a couple days ago, and my daughter asked if they’d get P’s. Well, no deal, but maybe again in the future. I’m glad you liked it.

      The Lynx stuff hasn’t progressed lately. I’ve been pretty busy with other things. I was trying to see if a new idea was feasible. I think it’ll fly. Check it out if you care.

  5. Johneyboy Reply

    It would be really interresting to see an lynx flash card with sd card input,BUT if an sd card is too slow, then you can decide to put a cf flashcard input instead wich is 10 times faster then a sd card, it would be cool to have bios on the flash card so to able to select a rom out of a list i want to play, if that will be possible then it may also be possible( aslong the ram is fast enough) to take advantage of the HUGE space of the cf card by putting cluster chain files on it to load an section of data one after another sothat streaming a long animation or playing an HUGE game will be possible, sure it requires some clever tricks, but that way you will push the lynx to it’s ultimate limmit.

    • Flavor Reply

      No, with “real life” the WonderSwan project keeps getting pushed back. That’s top priority here. Lynx is likely next after that. The prototype worked, but I have not moved past that, yet.

  6. Johannes Reply

    The concept behind this is awesome,if you will ever succeed in producing an micro sd card adaptor for the lynx to store & load all games on it WITHOUD. Any moddification of the lynx, that would be great and i will buy one, for what do know an xcart for the lynx does exist wich works with micro sd cards, it will have an os menu and can run games of max 512KB, a prototype does exist but it’s still not in production stage yet, i even dit NOT saw a picture of it aaarrrggg, but the hope is there.

    • Flavor Reply

      I have heard of the xcard one, but I fear it has been abandoned. I assume this, because I haven’t heard anything about it for years.

      We are working diligently on a WonderSwan flash cart. This will have the same capabilities (SD, USB, etc.) as a Lynx cart would require. Once this is proven, I would like to add the same features for a new Lynx cart.

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  8. Johney Reply

    Hi, did you know about the retroHQ sd card for the lynx? I own one for awhile. you can order one by placing your name on the pre order list,check youtube for more info.
    It works with all commercial games & many homebrew games.
    Good luck.

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