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NGF File To Cart

This one is a bit trickier. It’s a bit more involved to actually take a .NGF save-game file and write it to an official cart. Nonetheless, I did it. I had issues, and I left out any real error checking (like to make sure the .NGF is valid for the cart). It works, though. So,

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NGF File From Cart

Today I had a new idea. I can take an official cart and scan it to see which blocks are unprotected. That means they’re writable. The save-game data will always be stored in one or more of the writable blocks. I worked on the RACE NGPC emulator’s flash memory emulation enough to know how it

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Nothing To Show

Well, there wasn’t much for new development over the weekend. I don’t have any new pictures or videos to show off, because the things I did weren’t very showy. On the USB Pocket Linker front, I wrestled with optimizing the cartridge dump/backup process. I put a little work into making the command-line application a bit

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