Back In Business! Neo Geo Pocket Color Flash Carts and Linkers For Sale

Here we go! I finally have another bunch of Flashmasta/Linkmasta ready. This time I have 20 bundles prepared. I’ve been working on these for a while, and things have taken longer than I expected. Hopefully it’s worth the wait, though as the Flashmasta cartridge has a new feature. We’ll get to that in a bit, though.

If You Can’t Wait For One Any Longer, Click Here

In each bundle, you’ll receive:

  • a Neo Linkmasta USB Device (interfaces between your PC and a NGPC game or flash cartridge)
  • a Neo Pocket Flashmasta SW Cartridge (NGPC flash cartridge)
  • a USB Cable to hook between the Linkmasta and your PC

Previously this bundle was $135. If you wanted the Linkmasta’s case uncut, you could save $10. Well, Xian Xi over at Jamma Nation X offered to help out and cut the cases. This saves me the effort of cutting each one, and the savings gets passed on to you. So, if you like the case or like the $10 you save, do him a favor and check out his site and thank him.

Now, back to the Flashmasta improvement. I’m calling this one the “Flashmasta SW” because it adds one little switch. Yeah, that’s it, a switch. Here’s the deal. NGPC carts can go up to 32megabit. A 32mbit cart is actually 2 16mbit chips. The vast majority of the time, you’ll use less than 16mbit of the cart if you’re only writing a single game to the cartridge. This means that the other “high memory” chip is sitting completely unused. Well, I developed a mechanism to switch which chip is the high and which is the low.

What you can now do is write a 16mbit or smaller game to your Flashmasta SW. Then, you can switch the switch and write another 16mbit or smaller game to the Flashmasta SW. Now you have 2 games that can be selected via switch.

So, it only gets you 2 selectable games, but that’s twice as many as you have without the switch. Just be warned. If you have a game that you’ve been playing (with savegame) and you change the switch and write a game larger than 16mbit, you will wipe out your savegame.

I’d recommend always backing up your cartridge before writing something new. The downside is that the only good way to backup your savegame data from the Flashmasta is to back up the entire cartridge. It only takes a couple minutes, though, so it’s well worth it in my opinion.

I also need to mention that we just got a new build of the Windows and Mac GUI programs. They’re on the download page if you want to check that out. I fixed a bug that comes up when you try to write a 32mbit file to the cartridge. If you ever notice issues, be sure to contact me. I’ll work with you to try to figure it out ASAP.

Well, I need to go update the Purchase page, and I don’t really have much more to say here. As always, leave a comment. I appreciate those. Here are some more pictures to show off the fruits of my recent labor.

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