Birthday Wish

Hey guys. Tomorrow is my birthday, and my wish is that you guys would like me.

No, I’m not suffering from low self-esteem. I’m hoping that you will go to YouTube and check out my latest video. If you like it, please LIKE it with a Thumbs Up on YouTube. If you think there’s anyone else that might like it, please spread the link. I’d like as many people as possible to see it and like it.

EDIT: Yeah, my birthday has come and gone, but I still need YouTube Thumbs Up (LIKE button) votes on my video. It’s for a competition, and they extended the deadline to mid September. Get your friends to vote, if they’d be interested.

Thanks! Ed (aka Flavor)

5 comments on “Birthday Wish”

  1. Morden Reply

    Thumbs up given! And, of course, happy birthday! I took a look at your other video uploads. Do you own a Road’s Edge cabinet? That’s beyond cool. My love for the Neo Geo 64 is a sentiment that’s not shared by many others. It’s too bad that SNK, while releasing their Neo Geo games over and over again, on all possible platforms, never released any kind of collection of proper NG64 ports. The whole NG64 title library has fallen into obscurity and I fear there’s very little hope we’ll ever see them converted. There’s not too many of them, though, so I guess the only way to play them is to get the cartridges and the motherboards.

    • Flavor Reply

      I do own a Road’s Edge. I was actually thinking of selling it, but once this project got going, I haven’t given much thought to anything else. It’s a good game, and I like the Hyper 64, but it doesn’t get much play sitting in my basement.

      • Morden Reply

        If you’re tired of playing Road’s Edge, you could try to hunt down Xtreme Rally and swap it out. It’s a pretty sweet game as well, and the machine should be compatible. I know the board is.

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