Black Friday 2016


This image doesn’t have anything to with this post, but it brings back fond memories.

There hasn’t been a lot to publicly announce lately, so I’ve been fairly quiet as far as posting articles goes. The last time I posted here was August.

Today I am in the Thanksgiving spirit, and am spending the holidays with family. Today someone brought the Thanksgiving newspaper that is always full of Black Friday advertisements, so it reminded me that we were considering trying our own BF sale here.

Coupon Code: EXPIRED

Well, I have to run. I was just hailed to come get lunch (not Thanksgiving dinner quite yet).

4 comments on “Black Friday 2016”

  1. mic Reply

    Happy thanksgiving. Any chance of you producing custom cases for the WS Flashmasta? I worry about breaking it every time I use it 😮

    • Flavor Reply

      Happy Thanksgiving to you (and everyone else reading) too.

      There’s a guy that makes a new Atari Lynx cart that said he’ll try to make a 3D printable shell for it. Let’s hope that goes well.

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