Bundles (almost) Ready

This is just a quick “heads up” post. I have about 6 bundles almost ready to go. I’m just waiting on some parts to arrive, and then I can assemble them. They’re all soldered up and ready to go. I just need to finalize them when the parts arrive.

I have another batch (of about 6) that are mostly ready. They just need a bit more soldering work.

Hopefully the parts will arrive in the next few days and I can make these units available.

I have now pretty much run through my supply of NGPC sockets needed to build the Linkmasta. These are one of the parts that I make by hand. The issue is that I don’t have a good workshop for cutting/grinding/milling these plastic parts. My father and I made the last batch in his workshop. He’s gone, and won’t be back for a few months.

So, my plan is to stop building these bundles for a while after this next batch is sold. I will focus on some new ideas and projects I have.

I will be sure to make another post when I put the bundles up for purchase. I just wanted to give you a status update, as things have gone slower than expected (which seems to be normal).

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  1. cheesebu Reply

    Hi, I hope this isn’t too out of line, but I just bought an NGPC lot and it came with something like this in a box that says Pocket Linker and has Gundam and other random anime pictures, but no company name or anything like that on the box.

    I’m just curious how to get this working. I think I need an SCSI cable, and it has a battery compartment so I probably don’t need the power supply(not included). It does have the cartridge, and its working and has a game already on it.

    Sorry for the noob questions. I’m bad with tech but I really love the NGPC and i’d really like to tinker with this a bit. Are there any forums or how to vids you can direct me to?

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