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Well, I hadn’t intended to do this, but I got some requests for pre-sale bundles. I don’t want to sell units I don’t have, and I don’t want to offer this as a service only to people that talk to me about it. I’d prefer to keep everything available to the general public on a first come first serve basis.

So, I do have units ready. They are almost ready to go out in the mail. I’m just waiting for a couple very small pieces. If you want to purchase one of these knowing that they might not ship out immediately (I’m thinking 2 weeks if things go very poorly), then head over to the purchase page and buy a bundle.

Oh, and please note that this set of cartridge cases are slightly different than the cartridges I had previously. These ones are Neo Turfmasters (a good game), but they are without the translucent plastic protective case that cartridges often come in.

6 comments on “Bundles For Sale”

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, wow! That was surprising. The bundles went within 24 hours of listing them. That hasn’t happened before. I’ll definitely be working on the next set. Keep bugging me, and I’ll get to work. 🙂

  1. WilsonWad Reply

    Great news. I’ll be faster next time. Thanks for your work. It’s amazing how it brings to life again our NGPC.

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, I really like the fact that this is bringing people back to their NGPC. I’ll keep working, because I will be even happier when I know that what I’m doing might be bringing NEW people to NGPC.

  2. Wynd Reply

    I’m bugging you, I emailed you a little while ago, I’m sad I missed that. I would like one. Especially for the collect-ability aspect.

    • Flavor Reply

      Well, expect some more to be ready in maybe a week or two. I’m sad whenever anyone misses the limited number of units I have ready. It means that I’m not keeping up with demand and that I’m turning people away. I want to invigorate the scene, not make people sad. Sorry that you missed it, but there should be another opportunity soon.

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