Cart Edge Connector Ideas

I need some ideas for how I’m going to insert my NGP cart into this “linker” device. The pin spacing is the same as PCI, so I got some PCI slots to use in my prototype. The problems are…

  • The edge connector needs only be on one side.
  • There’s a key in the middle.
  • The ends of the cart are closed off (meaning the “socket” needs to be open-ended).
  • Breadboarding a PCI socket is a pain.
  • There are 18 pins, then a key (spanning 2 pins), and then 18 more pins.
  • This socket isn’t available off-the-shelf.

I’m soliciting ideas on how to approach this. I’d like both prototyping ideas and also ideas for a product that users would be okay with.

Here are some pictures to help you get an idea of what I’m up against. The pins pitch/spacing is 0.050 inches or 1.27 mm.

Pic_of_3_cart_PCBs ngpprotoi baseballv BUNG_Progerammer__001 DSC00740

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