Cart Wars: The Flash Awakens

IMG_6609I’ll get the big news out of the way first. I’m going to see Star Wars a little later today. Wait, what? You wanted better news? Hmm. Well, I guess to compensate, I can offer some more NGPC USB Flash Masta carts for sale.

We only have 6 of these to offer today. I really wanted to get more before Christmas. Maybe we’ll get another batch ready before then. I soldered up 10 of these carts, but 4 of them have some issues that didn’t pass QA. That probably means we’ll have 4 more ready next week (when I find some small soldering error), but I can’t guarantee it.

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Buy It Now
Sold Out – $79.95 (Plus $3.99 Global Shipping & Handling)

Last time (near Thanksgiving) we put up 8 for sale they were gone in less than a day. I have no idea how quick these 6 will go, but I know that there are people waiting for me to release these. Please see for more info.

May the force be with you!

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