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GBA Flash Advance Linker Xtreme – VMware Windows XP

There’s not much to discuss here. I have sent out 4 of these bundles so far (one left to buy), and one of the buyers recently asked about setting it up under a virtual machine. I decided that I should try it myself, and I took some screenshots along the way. In case you missed it before, here’s the link to snag the last one I have left.

UPDATE: I have secured some more of these, and I have set the inventory accordingly. If the PayPal link allows you to make a purchase, it means I have them available.


Flash Advance Linker Xtreme VMware Fusion Windows XP - Under OSX - 1 of 2

Flash Advance Linker Xtreme Running on OSX with VMware

Flash Advance Linker Xtreme VMware Fusion Windows XP - Under OSX - 2 of 2

Flash Advance Linker Xtreme Running on VMware Fusion OSX

I should mention that I tried it under the Windows 7 “XP Mode” virtual machine before this. I had issues with that, because it has a very limited ability to assign USB devices to the XP virtual machine. When I installed VMware Player (a free download), it worked the first time.

: I copied the Windows XP Virtual Machine files from my Windows 7 machine (running VMware Player) to my OSX Macbook (running VMware Fusion). The process was VERY simple, and the Flash Advance Xtreme Linker works fine there, too. The menu to connect the USB device is slightly different, so I took a couple screenshots of it. Those are shown here on the left and right.

GBA Flash Cart & Linker – Flash Advance Xtreme Linker + 128m Carts

Flash-Advance-Linker-Xtreme-With-2-128m-CartsI’ve talked before about these GBA Flash Carts that I have. Here’s a link in case you don’t recall what I’m talking about.

I am now selling them as a bundle with 1 linker and 2 flash carts. Details follow.


I have several of these 128m flash carts, but I only owned 1 linker. I couldn’t sell the carts with a linker, because then I wouldn’t have one. My idea was to sell them pre-programmed, and that’s been going okay. I think there aren’t that many people that need something burnt onto a GBA cart, but some people have taken me up on the offer and have asked me to burn translations and such.

Flash Advance Linker Xtreme BoxedRecently, I was able to find a supplier for the Flash Advance Linker Xtreme USB (and parallel) programmers for these carts. I got one to test for myself, and I was able to get it working on Windows XP using the software and drivers at

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get these working on Win7+ or OSX. I set out to find some info about getting this to work on modern operating systems. For Linux, it seems that will work well. I haven’t tried it, but Sharker has confirmed that it works for him.

I was also able to obtain some source code for a command-line application that works very well under OSX. It was old code, so I had to update parts of it, but I got it working in my OSX Mavericks 10.9.1. I also believe that I can port this software to Windows, but things are getting more and more hectic on my main project. I have not released any of this software yet, but I will work with people that purchase these to get them set up and running on their platforms. My suggestion, though, is that you count on it working under XP, and expect some troubles if you want to do it under anything more modern (hopefully we can work together to get kinks out).

So, you get a GBA linker and 2 128m carts. Operators are standing by. Please click the PayPal link for pricing and shipping costs.


Of course, feel free to comment and let me know what you think of this. Even if you aren’t interested in buying one right now, let me know why not. I really need to figure out if this is something I should make available in larger quantities or not. I also started a quick forum thread about this for anyone that is using these carts/linkers to share their experiences and what software they’re using

New Year’s Sale! – Neo Geo Pocket Color Flash Masta Bundles In Stock With Bonus

NeoPocket-ROM-Cartridge-Devkit-Plus-2-GBA-CartsOn a bit of a whim today, I decided to offer a little holiday cheer and try to bring some Neo Geo love to the season. We have been working on building a bunch of Flash Masta + Linkmasta bundles, and there are close to 20 that are ready to purchase. I can’t offer anything like a half price deal, but I just did the math on the sale price which comes out to be 12% off. And, people always ask how much it will cost to ship to them overseas, but I charge the same $10 shipping for everyone, so don’t worry about any additional shipping cost.

You can check it out at the normal purchase page which describes the NGPC bundle.

UPDATE: The holidays (and this sale along with them) have come and gone.

I’m expecting this sale price to be available until about mid-January or until I run out of the current stock of bundles and parts. If you have been contemplating getting one of these bundles, I think now is the perfect time to get one.

I also want to mention that I have GBA cartridges still available. There has been a little more interest in these recently, but I still have plenty. As part of the New Year’s sale, if you are already purchasing a NGPC bundle, I will add 1 or 2 GBA cartridges to your order for just $6 each with no additional shipping cost (just the $10 for the bundle). That means that you can get the whole NGPC bundle (Flash Masta cartridge plus USB Linkmasta) plus two GBA carts for less than the normal cost of just the NGPC bundle.

The GBA carts work like this. You make your purchase, and then I will contact you via email (which I do with all purchases anyway). You reply to that email, and attach the GBA ROM file(s) you want me to put on your cartridges. It’s pretty simple. You just have to keep the files less than or equal to 128-megabits (which is the same as 16-megabytes), because the cartridges are only 128-megabit each. Don’t worry, I’m very willing to help you out with this process via email, so feel free to ask me questions there about what might work well or examples of other things people have had me put on their cartridges.

I have a little more information about the GBA carts here:

Please keep in mind that shipping may be slow during the holiday season, and my time may be sporadic coming up through this time. I pride myself in keeping good contact via email, so you will be informed how things are going. I just don’t want anyone to be surprised if they expect things to arrive before Christmas (which may already be too late unless you want to pay extra for some expedited shipping).

Have a Merry Christmas or a joyous ______ (for those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas) and a Happy New Year!