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Neo Geo Pocket Cartridge Protection Information Database

You guys are great! You really make this NGPC homebrew community work. After my last post explaining some technical details about NeoGeo Pocket SaveGame Backups, we got a little dialog going. Loïc chimed in with a proposal to build a

New GUI Build and Other Stuff

About a week ago, Mr. Spiv released the GUI he has been working on. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been making improvements to it. Just now, I added a newer build to the downloads page. Go check it out. I

GUI Test Version For Windows/Mac

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been building hardware. There have been several new users over the last month, and I’ve been plugging away and refining things. The latest development that I want to mention is something that

Units Available, Artwork Coming, Reviews, etc.

Units Available: If you didn’t notice, there are bundles available on the Purchase Page. I put them up as I make them, but my next push (after this set) may be different. Soon, I am hoping to have a whole

Mac Software, Uncut Linkmasta, Bundle Options, etc.

Alrighty! It seems like things are picking up. More people are getting interested in the project, and that’s great. Some people are wondering when there will be new bundles available. Some are wondering if they can get part of the

New Faster Software Available

On the software downloads page, you can now find Firmware v0.12 and the PC-side software to go with it. I am considering this a TEST release at the moment. If you would like to try it and report any problems,