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New Red Neo Pocket LinkMasta Cases Now Shipping

A lot of things are in the works, now. It’s difficult to keep juggling all the balls, but today I am finally announcing a cool new initiative to bring you a higher quality case for the Neo Pocket LinkMasta. Thanks

New Year’s Sale! – Neo Geo Pocket Color Flash Masta Bundles In Stock With Bonus

On a bit of a whim today, I decided to offer a little holiday cheer and try to bring some Neo Geo love to the season. We have been working on building a bunch of Flash Masta + Linkmasta bundles,

2 NGPC Flash Linker & Cartridge Bundles Available Now

Lately, I’ve been very busy coding on a new iOS/Android title. I was really hoping that it might be released before Christmas, but it looks like it will take more time than that to get out on the app stores.

New PCBs And Other Chatter

Things have been going pretty quickly here in the real world. I have 3 daughters that just started school on August 26th. They’ve been in school for 10 days now, and I think that they’ve been released early for 6

Happy Independence Day!

Here in the US, tomorrow is our independence day. I hope all of you are independent, so I wish you all a happy independence day. It’s crazy to me that it has been 1 month since I posted last. It

New Neo Geo Pocket Development Kit Bundles On The Way!

EDIT: At the end of the day (June 3), I now have 3 bundles available for purchase at Just note that they may not ship immediately due to me being frequently out of town in the upcoming weeks. First

New Laser Cut Linkmasta Enclosures

I just picked up a batch of laser cut enclosures for the Linkmasta USB NGPC cart reader/programmer. I thought you might be interested in seeing the result.

Soldering Linkmasta NGPC Sockets

There’s not a whole lot to say about this. Over the weekend, I was finishing up a bunch of Linkmasta USB devices for some Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta bundles. I recorded some video of me soldering ’em. It’s like

Laser Cutting Forum Users

Did that title get your attention? Are you all ready to read about how to cut forum users with a laser? Well, it’s actually 2 separate issues: Laser Cutting & Forum Users. Forum Users In the last week, the forum

NeoGeo Pocket SaveGame Backups

Today a new owner of the NGPC Flash Masta & Linkmasta bundle emailed me with a question about backing up Neo Geo Pocket savegame data. In particular, he was asking why the software won’t backup only the save-game data when