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WS Flash Masta Carts Listed Now (PRESALE)


Our presale of the WS Flash Masta cartridge for the WonderSwan has started. We have stock to assemble and ship 50 cartridge boards. That’s what we are listing today. Once they are sold, we will assemble and ship them out. I would expect to have them all shipped out by mid December.

Please read the product page at to educate yourself about this product.

Neo Geo Pocket Color With Front-Light Mod Installed (Now On eBay)

This is a very quick post to let you guys know that I just listed one of the early front-light Neo Geo Pocket Color install units on eBay. I want to use eBay to gauge the reaction/interest, so please spread the word.

This unit is definitely not perfect, but I think it still works well in the dark (which we all know that most don’t). Leave feedback here (or vote with your eBay bids) and let me know what you think.