Don’t Dremel Your Finger

Last night I cut up a couple PCI slots to make NGP cart sockets. The process of making multiple at a time is a bit easier than making one, because I can mark a couple at a time. After one is made, it’s much easier to use that as a guide to make others.

The drawback is that the faster you go, the less careful you get. At one point, I ended up hitting my finger with the Dremel cutting wheel. Actually, I think I got quite lucky that it wasn’t worse. It’s not really even noticeable today, except for a line of burnt flesh.

So, I’m ready with some sockets for when PCBs arrive. Did I mention that I ordered some PCBs? Yeah, Turfmasta helped me by drawing up some plans based on my breadboard design. We’re going to get this NGP linker working and also make the design compatible with his NeoSavemasta SRAM card. This means that the linker hardware will be dual-purpose (and probably have other uses soon-after).

I’ve been working on the theoretical side of the Flash Cart, too. I can’t do much in practice, because I don’t have any hardware for that yet, but I’m working out a design and all that.

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    • Flavor Reply

      Weird, I missed your comment, and it went unapproved for a long time.

      I do find my hands to be useful on occasion. Thanks for the reminder.

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