Finally, Some News!

I can’t believe that it’s been so long since my last post.

Commenter Lukezab wrote in wondering if progress had stopped. NO, it hasn’t.

Here’s what’s been going on. My last couple posts here have been about Trouble With Robots ( This has been my primary task for quite some time now. The good news is that it is now finally available on iOS ( and Android (via Google Play at If you haven’t tried the game yet, PLEASE give it a play and post some feedback. It’s free to download and try, so you may as well.

As far as WonderSwan goes, I know that progress has been slow. Things move forward, but the pace is like a snail sometimes. Currently, I can flash games to the cart and boot them on a WonderSwan. The problem is that it’s not very user friendly. I have come up with a solution for that, but I need to prototype it (with crazy messes of wires running everywhere) and then do a new prototype PCB run once that’s working.

11 comments on “Finally, Some News!”

  1. Lukezab Reply

    GREEEAAAATttt… i knows the hardware project for console is very hard, but the wonderswan flash card is very hard (i read a bit of chart hardware about wonderswan), but you are the last hope for this console. You thin: i’m going in Japan last year and i visit many many many game store, well i found three games for wonderswan, and not found more… the situations for crying… well, i’m waiting good news. Thanks very much for reply. God be with you :-)))

  2. Cubelindo Reply

    Flavor, keep up the good work! Thats very good news!

    Good luck with the Wonderswan Flashcart. I’m sure it will be as good as the NeoGeo Pocket one.

  3. Djpannda Reply

    Alright! I just got my linkmasta for neogeopocket and I’m playing it like it was released this year. I’ll be one of the first to by the wonderswan. I even might be willing to do prototype testing .

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  5. Travis Reply

    So my old crystal black wsc’s batteries leaked. Searched on eBay for a replacement and ended up buying a rather good condition blue violet swancrystal. While searching for games, I came across your site.

    You have no idea how excited I am for this project. I am definitely interested. Glad the project isn’t dead. Thanks for the update!!

  6. goldenegg Reply

    I can’t wait for the Wonderswan cart! Depending of the cost, I’ll be buying 2 or 3!

  7. Xenanthropy Reply

    I’m so excited for this!!!!!!! Really it’d be just perfect for some of the crazy-expensive games like Dicing Knight and Judgement Silversword, but even then, it’d be also great for getting some games that I can’t even find! Which is odd that I can find the $200+ Silversword on ebay, but I can’t find say, Loderunner, anywhere! Ah well, i’m looking very forward to the finished product, will definitely be buying one when it’s released. 🙂

  8. cefecoma Reply

    Glad to read the good news! I’ll be definitely interested when this is available 🙂

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