Flashmasta.com & NGPC Flash Carts Almost Ready

April NGPC Flashmasta Bundles

Well, I now have a new daughter that arrived at the end of March, so things haven’t been quite normal recently. The good news (besides having a healthy newborn of course) is that a friend of mine has started helping me with the assembly/soldering lately. The picture shown is one he just sent to me. The only thing we’re missing now is the NGPC sockets that are hand cut. My father’s workshop is set up to do those, and I will see him on Thursday. Hopefully that means we’ll have some sockets in a week or two and then there will be bundles ready to purchase.

The other bit of news that you may already have picked up on is that I registered the website www.flashmasta.com. I’ve been wondering how to handle adding new items, and I think this is a good way. Before, the URL was NGPC-specific. I wasn’t sure if I should just add another site, somehow make a base site that linked to sub-sites, or what. Well, the solution is that the Flashmasta site will house any flash cart work that I do. It doesn’t have to be NGPC. As you saw in the last post, I’ve recently been looking into some Lynx stuff. That will go here, too. The site will no longer be NGPC-only, but I expect that it will be NGPC-mostly for quite a while. If I do start getting into other systems more, I will probably section things off a bit more. We’ll see how that goes. As for now, I’ll leave it pretty much as it is. In time, it may evolve if I have more news about say Lynx or Wonderswan or whatever.

As always, thanks for supporting the NGPC and my projects! If you want to leave a comment here, I always like to see those, and don’t forget that there’s also the Forum if you want to connect with others.

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  1. wyndcrosser Reply

    Congrats on the daughter man. Do you still have something for me? Sorry, money’s been tight… with a daughter now, I bet you know the feeling.

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, things have been abnormal around here lately, but it’s getting back a bit. Hit me up via email (or I’ll email you).

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