Happy Independence Day!

Adrians GBA CartsHere in the US, tomorrow is our independence day. I hope all of you are independent, so I wish you all a happy independence day.

It’s crazy to me that it has been 1 month since I posted last. It seems like just yesterday that I was leaving my job and moving toward my goal of being more independent, myself. These last weeks have been a whirlwind, and I don’t expect this storm to let up anytime soon. Here’s a quick update.

As far as NGPC stuff goes, I soldered up 10 NGPC Flash Carts. 3 of them worked right off the bat. I paired them with some Linkmasta units I had ready, and put them up for sale. They sold fairly quickly.

I also sent off 6 GBA flash carts to Adrian in Canada. He sent me a picture of ’em, and you should see that to the right. If you are interested in something like this, definitely get ahold of me. If you’ve missed it in the past, here’s a post about these. http://www.freeplaytech.com/blank-gba-cartridges-gameboy-advance-flash-carts/ I’ll definitely work with you if you want multiple carts.

The other 7 NGPC Flash Masta cartridges need some further testing and resoldering. Based on past experience, I would guess that maybe 3 or 4 of these will be pretty simple fixes. The others will have some sort of oddity to track down.

I still have some Linkmasta USB devices ready, but I’m not sure that I have 7, so I’ll have to check that out when I get some time.

As far as my “independent” work situation goes, it’s been working out well. I have been learning a lot about mobile game development, and I have a pretty clear plan for my game porting project. Even though the project is a 2D game, I expect to be implementing it using a 3D engine. The learning process here has been interesting, and I expect to get to some actual building in the coming month.

As far as my relocation to a new state goes, that’s progressing, too. Just a few days ago, we accepted an offer from someone to buy our house. They want a very quick sale, because they are selling their house and need somewhere to live. We have agreed to close on July 25th. Today there will be an inspection of our house, so I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t surprise me. The house is only 11 years old, though, so there shouldn’t be anything to find.

I really do want to keep conversing with all you guys, but it’s hard during this big live transition. Please keep in touch by commenting, emailing, or posting on the http://forum.freeplaytech.com/ forum. I’ll do my best to reply!

4 comments on “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Tehcno Reply

    Well happy independence day to you too. Congrats on the bid on the house, and I hope all goes well come inspection day.

  2. NoonKnight Reply

    Best of luck with your transition. Glad to hear all you’re doing well.

  3. Flavor Reply

    Thanks guys! I’m always a bit surprised how much slower things go than I anticipate. I’m excited about all my changes, but I just want the transition done!

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