In Stock Again – Neo Pocket Flash Masta

We have just made a small batch of Neo Pocket Flash Masta cartridges. We will try to be keeping these in stock through the rest of the year, but (of course) that will depend on demand.

At the moment, we have 13 cartridges that we have assembled by hand. We have most of the parts to make another small batch or two, and we are also working on getting another larger batch manufactured/assembled for us.

I hope we can keep these in stock for a while.

The cartridge shells may be a different story. As you may know, we cut these from sacrificial game cartridges. They are getting more difficult/expensive to obtain. At least we have the 3D Printable Neo Pocket Flash Masta shell available out there, now.

5 comments on “In Stock Again – Neo Pocket Flash Masta”

  1. Jeff Reply

    Hi Ed,

    Not sure if I’m getting through using your contact form.. just made the purchase and payment for one of the new neo pocket flashmasta USB.

    Please remember to send to my shipping address.

    Also, I have an old v4 Linkmasta and flash cart, somehow lost the casing. Is there a 3d stl or file out there that I can use to print one myself?

  2. Jeff Reply

    Snap seems like we’re not getting through on your comments form either. Ed, you there?

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah. I don’t know why I missed the previous comment though.

      I might have a 3-D file of it. Are you talking about the shell for the USB linker?

      Maybe try here to contact me. That way we can send the email back-and-forth easier. Maybe try here to contact me. That way we can send email back-and-forth easier.

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