Introducing the Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB Cartridge (and New Software)

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Shown With MVSLast month we announced that we were clearing out some of the “old” style cartridges, because some changes were coming. Today, we are finally announcing the new version. We have already sent out some early test versions to some specific people. The feedback has been good, which really means that there haven’t been any major problems reported.

The new “Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB” cartridge no longer requires a separate “Link Masta” USB device. The USB is now all built in, and it all fits inside of a standard NGPC cartridge. As of my posting this, there are only 6 cartridges available. These are still being assembled by hand and have cuts we do by hand, just like the previous cartridges were.


Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Buy It Now
Sold Out – $79.95 (Plus $3.99 Global Shipping & Handling)

We are still developing some pieces of the software, but it’s functional. It’s also built to interface with the previous bundle with the separate Flash Masta cart and Link Masta USB device. If you already own any Neo Pocket Flash Masta kit, check out this new beta software, and leave some feedback in the comments below.

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - IntroducingThe cartridge has a total of 32 Megabits and has a switch to choose between two 16 Megabit “slots” that contain games or apps that you upload to it. If the file you upload is over 16Mbit (2 megabyte), then it will take the entire cartridge (both slots). To upload a file to a slot, you plug in a micro USB cable into the side of the cartridge and use the software found here.

As you may have noticed above, the price is $79.95 for the cartridge, and the shipping cost is $3.99 (worldwide shipping and handling). This price is our best guess at the final release pricing once we’re ready to roll these out in a larger batch. To be clear, the actual release price may be cheaper, or it could be more expensive.

Have a happy Thanksgiving (or a happy Thursday for the rest of the world)!

31 comments on “Introducing the Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB Cartridge (and New Software)”

  1. Tehcno Reply

    It’s a great product! I now use this cart for the games that I may swap out from time to time, and use the older version for just Card Fighters 2. Now I just need to see about getting a lit screen on my NGPC and I’ll be set to go.

  2. Flavor Reply

    3 of 6 sold almost immediately. When I notice that they are sold out, I’ll update the article.

  3. Bryan Reply

    Sounds cool!
    Shame that I didn’t pick up a Neo Geo Pocket Color, but it’ll be on my next to get list!

    By the way, is there any progress for the Wonderswan Flashmasta?

    • Flavor Reply

      Yes, but the rate of progress fluctuates with other projects’ time requirements. The WS cart seems to need one more board revision to reduce the size and tweak some minor requirements. Then I’d like to do a limited test run. As for functionality, it’s good now. It can hold a menu plus 15 games (selectable via menu). That functionality is likely enough for most users already.

  4. Chris Reply

    Yes! This came faster then I thought. Ordered!
    Question, now that I ordered I noticed on the forum a post about game save issues.
    Does this cart fix that or is there still problems with some games? 🙁

    • Flavor Reply

      Hey Chris! I think you got the last one of this batch. If you’re concerned about the savegame issues, check here for patches.

      But, I’ll tell you that many people have used these carts over the years, and people very rarely bring up this issue. If you find something that’s a problem, I bet a patch can be made/applied.

      • Chris Reply

        Yeah that’s the thread I had seen. It sounds like any game under 16mbit could have the problem but I don’t see many patches.
        I am just getting into the Neo pocket so I will see how it goes.
        Just concerned I will be trying to play something and randomly lose a save after hours of play.

  5. Flavor Reply

    This batch of 6 just sold out. We should likely get them sent out early next week (after Thanksgiving). Then we’ll be working on the next small batch or figuring out how to get a full production run made. Thanks guys!

    • Cirdec Reply

      It seems the card is somewhere between USA and France, software ready on my Mac and waiting for it ! 😉

  6. Chris Reply

    Got mine and its very cool. However I cant backup game saves, has a red X and backup save data button is grayed out.
    Tried metal slug2 and snk vs capcom millennium.
    Cart is keeping save when powered off.

  7. Barret Reply

    Flashmasta cart arrived yesterday. Been using the Mac version of the new beta software. Tried writing several roms to the cart, and making cart backups. Working great so far!

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  9. Yippikaye Reply

    When do you plan to start selling the Flashmasta USB? Is there a work in progress for a new batch? Is there a waiting list?
    Thanks in advance

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Out of order? Dang, just bought a neo geo pocket color, and was plannin on getting some use out of it outide of the cheap available games. Ah well.

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