Just Before April Fools (WS News & NGPC Stock)

WonderSwan Flash Masta Cartridge 3-31-16I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to fool them, so I’ll try to publish this just before all that starts happening. There has been a lot happening here. In some ways I have nothing much to report, and in other ways, I have too much going on.

First of all, some of you may already be aware, but we have re-designed the circuit board for the WS Flash Masta cart. You can see it to the right (or click on the pic for a larger view). As you may notice, it has an on-board MicroSD card. I had some issues talking to the cartridge and having the cartridge communicate with the SD card at the same time. I have come up with a fix, but, sadly, it will require a new PCB revision. 🙁 On the upside, we were able to fit all the goodies on a circuit board that doesn’t stick out of the WonderSwan. Woooooo!

The plan is to make sure that’s all that needs fixing, make another set of prototypes, and then do a run of 25-30 boards for you early adopters that want to jump on it ASAP. I know there are plenty of people that have been excitedly waiting for our release. I wish it was a quicker process. I apologize for that.

In Neo Geo Pocket news, we continue to play with the manufacturing process. The last few times we have built up 10 or so boards, they’ve sold out almost immediately. Because of that, we continue working toward a better “mass” production method. We now own a LitePlacer to potentially help the process along. So far we haven’t worked out the kinks in the process, but we hope that it will be a very effective way of producing PCBs once we get everything tuned.

In the process, however, we have built up a bunch of NGPC USB cartridges and will likely be building more in 2 weeks or so. If you want one, here’s where to go: http://www.flashmasta.com/product/neo-pocket-flash-masta-usb-32mbit/

At the time of writing this, we have several units in stock (ready to ship). I will try to update this when they sell out. They sold out very quickly again. We will try to make more ASAP (maybe in a couple weeks).

Have A Happy April Fools Day, Tomorrow!

12 comments on “Just Before April Fools (WS News & NGPC Stock)”

  1. djpannda Reply

    I would be more then glad to for you to take my money for the wonderswan cart.!!! :::drools:::

  2. Bryan Reply

    A weird time to post this, but still welcome anyway.

    Take my money for the Wonderswan Cart!


    Can we preorder it?

  3. cefecoma Reply

    Definitely good news. Take all the time you need to build it, and count on one order from me when it’s done.

  4. bobbi Reply

    NGPC Flash ordered…
    seriously looking forward to the WS Flash Masta too…

  5. Flavor Reply

    Thanks for all the orders, everyone. We still have some left, but they’re going fast. I will try to get them all sent out by the end of next week. Thanks!!!

  6. bobbi Reply

    a little update to my previous post saying i’d ordered…
    i’ve now received! 🙂
    postie dropped the package through my door yesterday and i was very impressed to see the contents… i was expecting the cartridge (obviously), maybe in a lil plastic case, but i wasn’t expecting the extra cartridge sticker, the LED glowing USB cable (very cool) or the business card with a personalised message to me… all wonderful touches that make the world of difference…
    the cartridge came programmed with 2 games, which is always nice to see on a flash cart, if only to confirm that it’s working well…
    i had a little trouble installing the driver for the cart which i put down to my windows vista 64 setup, it’s never been good with drivers, in the end i had to get in there manually and force windows to use the “libusb-win32 generic device”, nothing else worked for me, but i can now read and write game roms to the cartridge, so i’m very happy (and currently playing Cotton)… for the record, i had similar problems getting my jaguar skunkboard recognised on this puter, as well as a couple of my GBA flash cards, so i’m pretty sure most people won’t have this issue, i’m certainly not gonna hold it against the cartridge and i solved things without needing to ask Ed’s advice…
    oh, and Ed even went to the effort of reducing the risk of customs charges, that kind of thing is always appreciated…
    so, bottom line, i’m a happy chappie and i’m frantically waving my cash in the air for the wonderswan cart…
    thank you 🙂

  7. Richi Reply

    That desire I have to leave,
    I hope that does not exceed 100 euros
    assured purchase
    Animos with prollecto

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