Mac Software, Uncut Linkmasta, Bundle Options, etc.

8 Partially Populated Linkmasta

Alrighty! It seems like things are picking up. More people are getting interested in the project, and that’s great. Some people are wondering when there will be new bundles available. Some are wondering if they can get part of the bundle without the other parts. Some people want to know how they can help. All of these are positive, and I really appreciate the enthusiasm.

One guy that has already been helping is Mr. Spiv. You may know him from the old days of NGPC, GP32, GP2X, etc. Spiv has been helping with some of the software portability, and today he has sent me a Mac binary for those of you that use OSX. I believe that a Linux version may be close at hand, also. Check out the Download area if you have a Mac and a Linkmasta. Try it out and leave a comment about how it works. Spiv also said that he wouldn’t mind if I mentioned that, “an eyecandy GUI is on the way!” Thanks, Spiv!

The Uncut Bundle

Some people have asked if it would be possible to get the Flashmasta/Linkmasta bundle without me cutting the plastic case. Of course, I promptly went to my room and cried my eyes out. How could they not want my hand cut case? Each one is uniquely crafted with love for you. Okay, enough with the fake story. I’m losing no tears or sweat over this request. I would like to gauge interest on this one, and I already have 3 bundles that are entirely ready (with 7-8 ready in the next few days). I’m listing them on the Purchase Page with some new options. I will offer a full bundle and a bare bundle, and both will be available “uncut”. With only 3 currently available, I probably won’t see a “trend”, but I think that this is the best way to see which options people prefer.

Keep the feedback coming. I’ve already seen people posting impressions and reviews elsewhere. If you have written anything, please leave a comment and link to it. Maybe I’ll get a page of those sorts of links made up at some point.

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  1. Genetik Reply

    The new Mac port pushed me to update the linker firmware. Took about 500sec to write the full cart. Not lighting fast, but faster than with the previous firmware. Software on the Mac side works great…well…it works exactly the same as Flavor’s app, but in an OS X terminal instead of a command prompt. I’m assuming that anyone that messed with the terminal before won’t have any problem using it. Thanks Spiv. Looking forward to GUI version.

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