Magician Lord Neo Geo Pocket Color

Thanks to the “Magician Lord : la suite que personne n’a vue” article and the guys at Gamekult that made this possible, we now have a new Neo Geo Pocket Color prototype. This looks like what would have become Magician Lord 2 for the NGPC. If you, like me, can’t read French, you can try the Google translate version here.

This seems to be an early technology demo of the game. It’s “playable” as you’ll see in the videos, but only certain modes are available and there’s no sound or boss battles. At any rate, this is an amazing find for the Neo Geo Pocket community. Thanks to NeoTurfMasta, Reznor, and Keneda for each notifying me of this news via different channels.

What do you guys think? Are there more NGPC protos out there just waiting to be uncovered? Is Ikari Warriors next?

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  1. Tehcno Reply

    That is simply amazing! I love Magician Lord and would have loved to see this game in it’s full glory.

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