Neo Geo Pocket Color USB Linker for Bung Flash Development For Sale

In an attempt to promote this project, we have listed another Neo Pocket Linkmasta unit on eBay. The auction is only a 3-day deal, so get your bids in. Even if you don’t plan to bid, please feel free to mention the link elsewhere!

Remember, any proceeds we can generate from these go right into helping the project move forward, and we appreciate whatever help we can get.

9 comments on “Neo Geo Pocket Color USB Linker for Bung Flash Development For Sale”

  1. Bluey Reply

    Hi, I have included my email address in the “Mail” field for this reply. Could you please contact me when you start selling this along with the FlashMasta. Please sell it at a goood price or my wife will kill me! 🙂 Thanks

  2. Bluey Reply

    Thanks a lot, Flavor. Quick, everyone to the “Email Updates” tab or “Email Notification” box to sign up!

  3. Kaz Reply

    Dammit, I need to pay attention to eBay more (less?) — I’m just not “with it” these days.
    Do you guys accept donations yet?

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