Neo Geo Pocket Flash Carts: Still Producing Units, Slowly

Soldering Flashmasta/Linkmasta bundles? Sadly NO.

Over on the Freeplaytech Forum, there’s a small thread about wanting to purchase a NGPC flash cart and linker bundle. I posted there about how things are looking for people that want to purchase bundles. I figured that information would be good to have here, too.

Here’s the deal as I see it right now. I think I will only have enough parts to make 3 bundles. If things go right, I think they’ll be ready in less than a week. There are people that have already been contacting me about waiting to purchase these. I expect that the 3 will go to them and still leave some people waiting anxiously. I know this isn’t ideal, but I am working on some ways to build units faster and more efficiently.

I have already begun ordering stock of a bunch of new parts. I still need some chips, and after that the big issue is the NGPC sockets. I will have to get a bunch of parts to start hand-cutting more of those. I may do the NGPC sockets on very limited basis until my father comes home. Then, I will have his workshop available to do them much faster/easier.

So, the bottom line is that there will be a tiny set of bundles available to those that have requested them via the contact form like I asked on the purchase a NGPC flash cart page. After that, there will be a period while I am acquiring parts, making some new sockets, having a baby, etc. Optimistically, I think we’re talking about a month or so before there’s any more bundles ready.

There’s the news. If you really want a bundle, I’m sorry to say that you’re probably looking at waiting over a month. Well, as an NGPC lover, I suspect you’ve been waiting over 10 years already. Maybe another handfull of weeks won’t bother you so much. I know how it is, though. When you want something, you get an itch that you can’t scratch until it arrives. I’m sorry if I’ve got your hopes up, but the plan is to ramp things up a bit more. I have a friend that seems very willing to help me build units, so if that works out as planned, this next batch should be very doable. If we could get another 20 bundles ready, I’d be pleased.

It’s been a while, and I know that interest is building. I want to be able to get these ready for you guys. Hang in there just a bit longer.

2 comments on “Neo Geo Pocket Flash Carts: Still Producing Units, Slowly”

  1. Wynd Reply

    I just got my flash cart from Ed. Works perfectly. I initially thought that you didn’t put the flash cart inside the actual cartridge, but apparently you sent me a second “gift” as well. So, thanks man.

    I checked out the quality of the solder points, and if you’ve ever done these types of boards before, they are a bitch (drag and pray solder). I’m impressed. I can’t wait to order more.


    • Flavor Reply

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, those flash chips are very tricky to solder. You get better and better, but they never seem to come out right the first try.

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