Neo Geo Pocket T-Shirt

So, I might be getting some shirts made for a completely non-related project. If I do, I could maybe tack on an order for some NGPC shirts. I toyed with the idea of what it might look like. See below for some options.

Would you be interested in a shirt like this?

Do you like any of these designs the best?

Are you a graphic artist that would want to make this better (in like less than a day)?

Leave some comments ASAP. I may not have have much time for this.

7 comments on “Neo Geo Pocket T-Shirt”

  1. jrronimo Reply

    I think you should just toss the Flashmasta logo in the NGPC. Specific games sort of draw the attention away, in my opinion.

    Without the source and no PS skills, something like this: — maybe you would remove the website from the cart since it’s on the shirt as well? Or vice versa?

    Or even just the boot-up NGPC logo. That’d be cool.

    • Flavor Reply

      I was going for the idea that you could now play these cool homebrew games on the NGPC, but I completely hear you. I hadn’t considered that it may detract from the message by drawing attention to the game.

      It’d be pretty easy for me to put the Flashmasta logo on there instead of a homebrew game screen. Let’s see what others add to the discussion.

    • Flavor Reply

      One thing I could probably do is take a picture of a NGPC with the Flashmasta cartridge laying on top of the LCD. It would kinda look like the picture you just made, but it would be the whole cart and not just the logo.

  2. Sean Killingbeck Reply

    Sweet, i’d sport one, let me know if you end up making a batch.

    • Flavor Reply

      I’m thinking I will. I don’t know the specifics, but I’ll probably make some just to see how it goes.

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