Neo Geo Pocket With Front Light (on eBay)

eBay Front-Lit NGPCTHIS IS NOT MY SALE. I just want to be clear that I just ran across this eBay listing. I have nothing to do with the seller or benefit in any way from the sale. I do, however, know that people keep asking me about front-lit NGPCs, so I thought you guys might want to know about this opportunity to get a lit Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Front-Lit NGPC for auction on eBay
(ends May 10th)

WonderSwan Flash Masta PrototypeIn other news, I have been working hard on the WonderSwan project lately. It is finally shaping up the way I’ve been envisioning it. My current prototype looks like a crazy Frankenstein mess. I’m hoping to get all the proof-of-concept work done on this in the next few days, so I can have a new all-in-one circuit board created. Then, maybe, I’ll finally have something for you early-adopters to play with.

8 comments on “Neo Geo Pocket With Front Light (on eBay)”

  1. Djpannda Reply

    Thnx I already blew up 1 NGpc doing the mod…. Hopefully the bid is not crazy..

    Yay wonderswan .. I am so ready for it

  2. Djpannda Reply

    Grrr..I guess someone else wants the front lit… And is biding outrageously . Next time I think you should just email me lol Jk

  3. goldenegg Reply

    You can tell from the pics in the auction that it was a poor screen mod. You can tell from the ‘banding’ on the screen. There are different ways to do the mod and this is the bad way.

    Can’t wait for the WonderSwan cart! I’ll happily be an early adopter!

    • Flavor Reply

      I thought it would be time for early adopters well over a year ago. This just isn’t a fast process for me. I’m sorry for that.

      At any rate, I feel like I now have a working prototype that can now be laid out into a new circuit board. It will take a bit of coding to get it ready even for the early adopters. Then, maybe, it will be ready to send out to some people that are excited to test it.

      • goldenegg Reply

        Are you planning to get a list of people who’re willing to be early adopters? If so, I want to be on that list 🙂

      • Wyndcrosser Reply

        Like I said a few times now, I will happily test as I have all three wonderswan consoles. As Philip J Fry would say, “Take my money”

  4. Xenanthropy Reply

    So ready for the Wonderswan cart!!! This is so exciting, So many of the games are hard to track down, and it sucks that as the game becomes easier to understand to English speakers, the price skyrockets 🙁
    I’d definitely be interested in being an early adopter, once the whole setup as been complete. Take your time!

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