Neo Linkmasta and Neo Pocket Flashmasta Available Now

3 Flashmasta Linkmasta Bundles

I just built 3 NGPC Linkmasta + Flashmasta bundles. To test the waters, I am making these available for purchase. Please keep in mind that there is a lot that has been going into developing and building these. I am not a professional producer of electronics or hardware. This is something that, for years, I’ve tried to get other people to do. Ultimately, I took it upon myself, and we are now starting to see the fruits of this effort. If you are interested in one of these bundles, head over to the Purchase Page and check it out. If you try to purchase one, and they’re out of stock, PayPal will inform you. When I notice that they are out of stock (which would be very exciting to me), I’ll edit the Purchase Page to reflect that. I’ll do the same when I get some more built.

If you’re not prepared to be an early adopter (and maybe even a bit of a testing guinea pig), consider waiting. There will be more of these available. I’m trying to focus on making my process more efficient, and we’re still developing software.

I really appreciate you guys that have been following this project. I know that some of you have been waiting for the chance to get one of these units. Here’s your first opportunity. If you miss it, though, I expect that there will be other chances soon.

UPDATE: I finished 3 more Flashmasta. When I listed the first 3 bundles, I had 6 Linkmastas ready. That means that I now have 3 more Flashmasta+Linkmasta bundles available on the Purchase Page. The first set of 3 out in less than 48 hours. That’s quite encouraging, and it’s why I was so quick to assemble these next 3 Flashmastas. After this, it will probably be a while before I have more bundles ready, because I don’t currently have any Linkmasta or Flashmasta assembled/tested.

12 comments on “Neo Linkmasta and Neo Pocket Flashmasta Available Now”

    • Flavor Reply

      The third one has been claimed. Thanks guys!!! This is very encouraging. I will probably work on another batch of 3 this week.

      • Flavor Reply

        I finished 3 more bundles. I don’t expect to have more bundles ready anytime soon after these are gone, but there are 3 available now.

  1. genetik Reply

    Got another question.When looking at your videos. I see that it boots directly. Is there any way to get a custom menu to have more then one game installed?

    • Flavor Reply

      Not now, there isn’t. It’s just 1 game at a time. There is a Multi-ROM menu for the Bung carts at, but it needs to be updated to work with these flash chips. I will try to look into updating that. I don’t expect that to be difficult.

      Also, that old Multi-ROM menu doesn’t support save-game data very well. I am working on coming up with ideas to create a custom menu, but it is not a priority at this point. It would definitely require a lot more coding and probably additional hardware.

  2. ponrev Reply

    Linkmasta & Flashmasta was received today. Thank you for making a wonderful tool. 🙂
    Please tell Gerry that we wish to express our gratitude.

  3. rook Reply

    Flavor, are you using a dremel for these? If not, you might want to consider it. It looks great anyways though. I really like the blue transparent plastic.

    I wonder how much these sold for since I wasn’t even aware they were available til they were sold out.

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, rook. I’m using a dremel to cut them. Actually, for the USB opening, I use a drill + drill bit. I was using a rotozip bit in the dremel, but I don’t think it turned out as nice/easy.

      I use a big cutting disc for the NGP cartridge slot. It works well, but it’s not ultra smooth, and I’m not the best at it.

  4. Sheldan Reply

    One might be able to make an exact replica of an original cart by making a resin cast mold of cart casing, yes?

    • Flavor Reply

      I know nothing about resin casting, but I guess it sounds doable. I really have no idea.

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