Neo Pocket Flash Masta Cyber Week Sale

We just got some new stock of the Neo Pocket Flash Masta cartridges. We had wanted to do a Cyber Monday sale, but we had to wait until we had these additional cartridges. Well that just happened!

Now we can offer the celebratory sale. I know it’s already a bit late in the week, so we will run this 10% off coupon through the weekend. You can apply it at checkout for ten percent off your order.


Thank you all for following our project, and have a great holiday season. We really do appreciate you!

7 comments on “Neo Pocket Flash Masta Cyber Week Sale”

  1. Alejandro Sánchez Reply

    This 10% is only applicable to NeoGeo ot to Wonderswan too?

    I already bought the Neo Geo Flashmasta and I very much recommend it!

    • Flavor Reply

      We don’t have WonderSwan cartridges in stock, so (unfortunately) we can’t apply the discount to something we can’t sell.

    • Flavor Reply

      Well, I’d like to. We have been pretty overwhelmed with projects and real life lately, though. Hmm. It’s tough to say, and we’re almost there, I think.

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