Neo Pocket Flashmasta Cart News

Snow Cat PCBWell, things have been a bit slow on the “Neo Geo Pocket Developments” front. After proving the USB linker concept, there’s a bit of a waiting game while we figure out how to produce these. The thing works. That’s great. Now what? How do we get them to you?

The Flash cart, however, has been a bit slower going. Gerry is finishing up his studies for the semester, so that puts him out of the game for a bit. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy on the project while waiting for Gerry’s skills/expertise. Hopefully he’s fully in it at the end of the month.

I hooked up with a guy called Snow Cat. He helped Gerry with previous projects. Man, this guy is awesome at drawing up cad stuff. He laid out a Neo Geo Pocket cartridge PCB for me. I don’t mean the schematics/electronics. I mean the exact shape of the cartridge with holes and the edge connector. It’s perfect.

I just sent in an order for a set of 3 prototype cart PCBs to be made. I will probably send one or two on to Gerry to test in his lab. Hopefully they are correct and we can move on with programming them.

2 comments on “Neo Pocket Flashmasta Cart News”

  1. Ayce Reply

    Wow lookin’ good. Glad to see that everything is running very smooth, I need to nab one of those from you before I head to Atlanta for college.

    • Flavor Reply

      Just keep in touch, and I’m sure we can get you one when it’s all ready.

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