Neo Pocket USB Linker No Longer Available on eBay

eBay sent me an email just now. They just wanted to inform me that…

Your listing has been removed.

I assume someone that saw my auction, didn’t like it, and flagged it as copyright infringement. I really don’t agree, but once it’s done, eBay doesn’t much care. That’s about the end of it. I feel a bit like ranting more here, but it’s really no use.

The auction was up to $80 US, and it still had about 4 days left. It’s very hard to gauge where it would have ended up. I’m very saddened that it was removed.

I have to say sorry to those of you that wanted to bid. I will try to come up with another option for you to get this Neo Geo Pocket USB Linker unit. I’m just not sure what to do with it at the moment.

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19 comments on “Neo Pocket USB Linker No Longer Available on eBay”

  1. freaktmp Reply

    I too intended to bid on it. Please contact me when you are able to offer one again.

    • Flavor Reply

      Okay. I am considering my options. I will post about it here (or maybe email you directly) when I figure it out. Thanks!

    • Flavor Reply

      Well, they state that anything that could be used to copy a video game is essentially off limits. If you read closely, it seems that anything that could be used to defeat copy-protection is banned. I think you could easily argue either point here, but I really don’t think they care. If they pull the auction, that’s that. From what I gather, I don’t think they even want to consider hearing a case.

      • Gerry_MAN Reply

        I’m thinking the word “Flash Cart” in the add description was what flagged it for analysis.

        When I listed one of my prototype Game Gear Carts, I listed it as a “Game Gear Development board”. It sold without any issue. So it could be that no one actually tattle tailed on your add, just that it was flagged for analysis automatically, and it took a short while for them to review it.

        Then they see the words “Flash Cart” and no questions asked. “Give it the Boot” they say! Buggers.

        They’re just covering their own ass really. They really don’t care I think, as long as it doesn’t cause them any problems they’ll let you list whatever you want. If you stay under the radar by choosing your words carefully, it will get through undetected. 🙂


        • Flavor Reply

          Yeah, you’re probably right. I figured that a linker unit didn’t really fall under their banned items. It can’t do much by itself. But, yeah, they probably have some automated process for finding this stuff and flagging it. Then, yeah, they just pull it off and don’t want to deal with it. They make SO much money. It’s better for them to lose a sale than risk companies coming after them.

      • Snow_Cat Reply

        Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the NGP and NGPC use a copy protection method that this does not defeat (on its own); and since this has substantial non-infringing use legal as per the Betamax and Grokster precidents.

        Perhaps a different discription that omits key-phrases associated with copyright infringement (ROMs, Bung, flash) and more strongly emphasises its use as a software development tool, akin to a chip programmer.

        • Flavor Reply

          Well, I would say that you’re wrong (since you asked to be corrected if you were). First of all, I would say that the NGPC doesn’t really have any sort of copy protection. I don’t really feel like getting into it further here at the moment.

          This definitely does have substantial non-infringing use. Along with this hardware project, we are also trying to get a more portable and user friendly development environment ready. The combination of that software with our hardware would make “homebrew” development of NGPC games much more available to people. I would love to see the the amateur/freeware/open-source game scene expand. With the right development hardware and software tools, I think this can soon be a reality.

    • Flavor Reply

      The cart is not yet ready. The first “Linkmasta” units are, though.

  2. Mastamuzz Reply

    Hey Flavor I didn’t know of your site! reading trough I have this feeling that the flash linker is hard to build given that you say there are components that have to be salvaged form other stuff! so this makes it hard to complete, how certain is that you can have a unit ready for the launch of the flashmasta?
    I don’t have a bung flash cart and they are hard to come by so I have to wait for the flash masta to be ready if there is one cause I can tell you are experiencing difficulties with that at the moment!

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, I don’t know if I’d say so much “difficulties.” Maybe I’d say “delays” if I had to go with a single term.

      Yeah, the cartridge connector is being salvaged/created from other parts. I don’t know any other way to do it. It works well, but it’s not as nice as just buying the parts. I’m not sure I’d say it’s hard to build, but yeah, it’s not as simple as just assembling parts.

      I don’t think we can “launch” the Flashmasta without a number of Linkmasta units. Some people want the Linkmasta to use with their old Bung hardware. I don’t foresee many people wanting a Flashmasta without a Linkmasta unless they already have something or maybe a friend has a linker they could use. That seems unlikely, though.

  3. Kaz Reply

    Damn. I usually scour eBay for Linker units and this one went completely under my radar. Congratulations on coming this far Flav, Snow_Cat and Gerry! Can’t wait for the linker/cart combination to be finished — I’m dying to see how Card Dowsing in CVS2 works in another hemisphere!

    • Flavor Reply

      Check eBay item # 110705536543 if you want another shot at it. And thanks for the comment ol’ pal.

  4. Kaz Reply

    Dang, missed that one too. And that should have gone for much more than it did, especially considering the bidding war that’ll likely erupt from this: 300573670535

    • Flavor Reply

      That bidding war only got 2 bids. That’s what happens when you can’t list it for what it is.

    • Flavor Reply

      Hey Kaz. If you didn’t notice, there’s another linker up on eBay. It’s item 110718025033

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