New Development: NGP/NGPC USB Flash Linker

NGPC Linker Prototype Testing Hardwired Data Input

NGPC Linker Prototype Testing Hardwired Data Input (Closeup)

I received a couple packages today. I don’t really have time to explain, so I’ll just post some pictures. At any rate, I’ve proven that the design works for reading from an EPROM chip. Next, I will read/write a 5V Flash chip. After that, I can move on to read/write the Neo Geo Pocket Cartridge.

The main point is that it works.  I have a crude application running on my PC.  It can read bytes from the EPROM chip, and I’ve verified that they’re right so far.  That’s all that counts for now.

NGPC Linker Prototype Reading Vs. Soccer 1A

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