New Look Neo Pocket Flashmasta

The bundles are almost ready. Last time, I went to my parents’s house and we set up my father’s workshop to cut a bunch of NGPC sockets. We cut a whole bunch that weekend, but then my parents went south for the winter. Over the winter, I ran out of sockets, and he wasn’t around to help. Well, at the time, sockets weren’t the only thing holding me back, but for about the last 2-3 weeks, sockets were the main missing component. Well, my dad came back, and, since I can’t get to his house real soon, he offered to make some NGPC sockets and send them to me. I just heard that he has some that should be dropped in the mail today, so I’m really thinking that this weekend should see about 10 bundles available to order.

The real reason I wanted to post today, was to show off the sexy new Neo Pocket Flashmasta look. The Neo Geo Pocket Color flash cartridge got a makeover today, and I think it’s quite nice. This will be what the upcoming bundles will look like, except they’ll have a hole in them to access the switch. You know, the switch that lets you select between 2 different games. I haven’t drilled that hole in this cartridge shown here, yet.

Let me know what you think of the new look. Leave a comment here or in the forum.

2 comments on “New Look Neo Pocket Flashmasta”

  1. Sean Killingbeck Reply

    I like it. Im on the mailing list. I already have the first one but im a sucker sor something new. I’ll buy one when your done, just let me know, thanks!

    • Flavor Reply

      Thanks for the comment Sean. I am hoping to post some pictures of the new bundles this weekend.

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