New Neo Pocket Linkmasta Design

I’ve taken to calling the USB Linker the “Neo Pocket Linkmasta” based on Turfmasta’s naming scheme. There’s been a redesign of the Linkmasta based on a different set of chips. It wasn’t difficult, but I had to start over with a breadboard to test it before I have a PCB made. This will probably result in a bit more soldering for me, but I like the design a bit better. I think it will offer more flexibility if we need to change anything in the future (like if certain parts become unavailable or of some new thing becomes available). I have ordered some parts to assemble some prototypes of this new design, and I’m hoping the prototype will turn out to be something I can make for you guys. No, it won’t look like that rat’s nest you see here.

In other news, I received a package from Turfmasta. I won’t go into detail here, because I don’t know how much he wants this made public. I’ll just post a couple pictures.

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