New Stickers And A Survey With WonderSwan Questions

Neo Pocket Flash Masta StickerThey are finally here. STICKERS!!!

Click here if you are interested in a WonderSwan flash cart development kit and would like to help direct our focus!

EDIT: Poll Closed (If you still want your voice heard, please leave a comment here or use the contact form to reach us.)

It has taken way too long to get these stickers made, but that’s not your concern. You care about how cool they look on your Neo Pocket Flash Masta cart, right? Well, take a look at the picture, and you can see how slick they are in action.

A guy named Robert has just ordered the first bundle that will come with these new stickers. I hope he’s excited. I plan to get that sent out early next week, and these stickers should be on all new orders from now into the foreseeable future.

For those of you that already own a Neo Pocket Flash Masta cartridge (or maybe several), there is still hope. I will send you a sticker for each of your cartridges. All you have to do is fill out a simple survey.

Speaking of the survey, let that be a segue into the bit about the survey. Heh Heh.

The survey is really for us to get to know you better and to get your feedback on where we should be focused. What can we do better? What systems should we consider in the future? It’s just this sort of stuff that (we hope) you would like to discuss anyway.

We are working on a new WonderSwan cartridge that has been in the works on and off for some time now. Part of the survey is specifically about this, so, if you are interested in WonderSwan, PLEASE fill it out.

Survey About WonderSwan Flash Cart, Neo Pocket Flash Masta, and other matters related to

EDIT: Poll Closed (If you still want your voice heard, please leave a comment here or use the contact form to reach us.)

Please note that, even though this survey is so we can better take your needs/desires into account, not every option/suggestion we receive may be viable. We are trying our best to please you, but there are a lot of you to please (which is good).


12 comments on “New Stickers And A Survey With WonderSwan Questions”

    • Flavor Reply

      Thanks. I didn’t do the art for it, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

      • esterno Reply

        Also I forgot to mention earlier, but if you make a wonderswan flashcart/linker please consider calling it the wonder-dump :). The opportunity to use a name like that appropriately comes once in a lifetime!

  1. goldenegg Reply

    Can’t wait for the Wonderswan cart! I answered a question on the survey wrong though, but it probably doesn’t matter. I said I have a WonderSwan Color when it’s actually the SwanCrystal. Hopefully you’ll let me help you test the cart. Not expecting one for free. I’ll happily pay for it.

    • Flavor Reply

      Close enough. We should be getting some new prototype PCBs in soon. I sure hope they work well. 🙂

  2. Cubelindo Reply

    New order will have the new stickers?

    I’m also waiting for the Wonderswan cart, keep up the good work!

  3. richi Reply

    hi there
    I am also interested in the cartridge Wonderswan
    I’m always looking at your site to see how it goes prollecto

    • Flavor Reply

      Thanks, Richi. We’re working on it. I know it takes forever, but it’ll get done.

  4. Isabell Reply

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