NGF File From Cart

Today I had a new idea. I can take an official cart and scan it to see which blocks are unprotected. That means they’re writable. The save-game data will always be stored in one or more of the writable blocks.

I worked on the RACE NGPC emulator’s flash memory emulation enough to know how it stores the save-game data in a file. So, I combined these to make a tool to back up an official cart’s save-game data to a NGF file which RACE and NeoPop can use.

So, the idea is that you could take an official cart and backup its save-game data to a file. This file could either be used on an emulator or to restore it to a cart later.

It’s simple, but nifty. I got the backup working. I’ll work on restoring it later. It’s worth noting that this should also be able to take a NGF file from an emulator (RACE/NeoPop) and write it to an official cart.

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