Oh Canada!

As you may know, Gerry lives in Canada. He has been working on the flash cart side of things. I have too, but up to now my main focus has been the USB linker stuff. Well, Gerry had some parts ready for me, so he sent them to me. It’s not that far, but it is international. The first shipment was returned to him after quite some time. I guess the post office spilled something on the package making the TO address unreadable. It finally found its way back to Gerry.

He decided to reship it, with some other parts, expedited this time. Yeah, it costs, more, but there’s a better chance it will arrive. RIGHT? Well, now it sits in a postal facility somewhere in Ottawa. The Canadian Post is on strike. Important parts for our project lie in wait.

There are other things we can do in the meantime. Some of them require other parts. Those parts are coming, I hope. They’re just slow to arrive. I expected PCBs to arrive on Saturday. I have yet to see them. I also expect some flash chips to arrive sometime. If both shipments arrive tomorrow, that would be fantastic. Otherwise, more delays are on the horizon.

The waiting game sucks. Blame Canada! 🙂

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  1. Snow_Cat Reply

    Could be worse;
    I’m still trying to figure out what shipping service to use to avoid ‘customs brokerage’ fees.

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