Presidents’ Day Sale

Here in the US, it’s Presidents’ Day weekend. We’re running a sale in celebration.

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We actually wanted to run a Valentine’s Day sale last weekend, but we weren’t ready in time. So, now, we’re “rebranding” our sale as a Presidents’ Day sale. Now, we’ve got our ducks PCBs in a row, so we’re honoring most of the past US presidents.

20% off almost all of our products!

If you didn’t know, we (the Flash Masta team) live quite close to Mount Rushmore, so this Presidents’ Day sale ties in quite well for us, actually. Of course, we know that WonderSwan and Neo Geo Pocket enthusiasts are spread across the globe. So, if you prefer to not celebrate US presidents, then you’re free to think of this as a late Valentine’s sale.

We now have some new WonderSwan cartridge dust covers in red/black, silver/black, and black/black (as shown). I’m working on getting photos of those on the product page.

Finally, if you’re using a WonderSwan with a flash cart and an IPS LCD installed, we highly recommend getting a new battery pack! That’s why we created the WonderPack (WonderSwan USB-C Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack). We worked very hard to create the circuitry, look, and feel to have the user experience we’d want. With the sale, these are $51.96 and ready to ship out (likely the day after Presidents’ Day).

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