Price Cut – Neo Pocket Flash Masta Now Under $50

It’s a big day for us here at the Flash Masta project. You may not have realized it, but, up till now, we have been soldering all the Flash Masta products by hand. We have experimented with many different ways to apply solder or place parts, but it’s basically been a lot of manual labor to produce each cartridge.

Today we received our first batch of fully assembled Neo Pocket Flash Masta circuit boards, and we are pretty excited about the result. Not only will it take us less time to make these cartridges, but we can now offer them to you for a cheaper price. It’s a win-win, and I’m hoping that you guys are excited about it, too.

The Neo Pocket Flash Masta 32M flash cart can now be purchased for under $50. We are hoping that you could help spread the word a bit, too. If you wouldn’t mind, please post this news on Twitter, Facebook, reddit, forums, etc, because we are hoping that this will bring new developers and players to the NGPC platform. I always feel a bit odd self promoting this stuff, so help is always appreciated! I tried to make it easy by making the links (Twitter & Facebook) pre-populate some information for you.

I do want to be clear that there is a small catch to that $50 price I mentioned. Because it is getting more and more difficult to find the plastic shells to use for these flash carts, we are changing the way we sell the Neo Pocket Flash Masta. In the past, the circuit board that we produce came bundled with a USB cable and pre-installed inside of a plastic Neo Geo Pocket game cartridge shell. Now, we are offering these “extras” as options.

If you already have a plastic game shell that you could use, you can purchase the Neo Pocket Flash Masta without the shell for under $50. If you don’t have an extra game cart/shell (but you still want to cut and drill your own), you can purchase it with an uncut shell (a sacrificial game). If you want to just plug-and-play without doing any extra work yourself, you can buy the Neo Pocket Flash Masta circuit board already installed inside of a pre-cut shell.

So happy with how my #GamePieAdvance build came out! – Zach, AZ, USA

You can see all the options here:

In other news, we are again taking preorders for the Game Pie Advance kits. This v2.1 kit has some minor changes from the v2.0 kit that are mainly to do with the placement of parts and other issues that make it easier for us to produce. If you’re interested in having a handheld Raspberry Pi, check out our product page for the GPA at I you want to see our showcase of customers’ completed builds, that’s here:

8 comments on “Price Cut – Neo Pocket Flash Masta Now Under $50”

  1. Bryan Reply

    Sweet! This is pretty amazing! Now I gotta get one on along with a neo geo pocket!

    Props to you folks over there!

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  3. Cocklederry Reply

    So I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but why not start making your own cartridge shells? I’m fairly certain rosecoloredgaming has a guide on inexpensively and easily making and using moulds to create aftermarket plastic parts, so it kinda feels wrong imo to sacrifice originals. Is it just that there’s not enough of a market to justify the extra cost, or something else?

    • Flavor Reply

      The simple matter is that it’s still way cheaper to buy sacrificial games. I’m with you, though. I wish it were cheap/easy to make quality plastic shells.

      I will say that we’re working on it. Even just this week, we got prints back from Shapeways from a NGPC cart model we had someone design. The single shell (which turned out to have a flaw and is now basically useless) was about 5 times more expensive than a sac cart.

      • SuperMTH2 Reply

        You guys aren’t going to discontinue these are you?
        Just wondering, thanks.

        • Flavor Reply

          No, that comment was all about the plastic shells. Even if we can’t source the plastics, I would still expect to make circuit boards available.

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