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This listing is a PRESALE. We do not yet have these kits in stock. We are relying on your purchases which will help us purchase parts and assemble these kits for you. We are hoping to get this batch built and shipped in mid-March.

Read this entire listing (and any linked pages) before making your purchase.

This is intended as a do-it-yourself (DIY) product, so please fully inform yourself before proceeding to do anything yourself. For additional information about the Game Pie Advance (GPA) see For hardware-specific information, please see the GPA hardware page. This is a project based around the Raspberry Pi Zero and the RetroPie.

The kit comes with:

  • 1 Game Pie Advance v2 circuit board
  • 1 3.2″ LCD panel
  • 1 set of pin headers to connect your RPi Zero to the GPA
  • 1 set of battery terminals for use with 14500 cells
  • 1 speaker

In addition to this kit, you will need to supply:

  • GBA shell (make sure it comes with all the buttons and silicone rubber pads, or you can purchase silicon button pads separately)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero (find RPi Zero here or here)
  • 1-2 14500 lithium batteries OR 1-2 lithium flat cells (if you want to play on the go)
  • 1 male Micro USB B to female USB A adapter (sometimes called an OTG converter) to plug in any USB device
  • 1 mini HDMI to HDMI adapter to test/play your Pi Zero on a TV or monitor

Building the kit requires Xacto (hobby knife) and/or Dremel skills to prepare the shell and some minor soldering to place the pin headers that connect the GPA to your Pi Zero, connect the speaker, and add battery terminals if you want to use them. See this YouTube video for an example of a full buildup of a kit.

This kit will be similar to the GPA DIY v2 kit. Please inform yourself about that kit by reading

This PREORDER is for version 2.1 of the GPA kit. Compared to v2, most of the changes are very minor and will likely not be noticed by you, the builder. Some changes include moving the placement of parts on the circuit board, changing some of the silkscreen (white text) on the board, and changing some wiring to make soldering easier. The main reason we are making this available as a separate product from the v2 board is because we will be ordering a new batch of circuit boards, and they will take some time to receive, test, and solder.

Battery charging functionality is built onto the PCB. If you want more information about batteries, please see the thread here. There are many cells that will work, and it will be up to you, as a builder, to decide how and where you want to mount the cells, as larger cells will give more play time but take up more space in the shell.

X/Y buttons come as a sub-PCB built onto the main PCB. If you do not want them, you can just cut them off. Using them will require you to drill holes in the GBA shell, and some people want to keep that original look/feel. If you do choose to use the X/Y buttons, this kit will come with a guide to mark and drill holes for them. Please not that the added X/Y buttons will be tactile “clicky” buttons, and as such, these X/Y buttons will feel and look different than the A/B buttons do.

We will ship these out in “first-come, first-served” batches, and we are intending to limit presales, but we have not yet made some of the design modifications, so the presale will likely be limited once we send the circuit board design to be fabricated (likely within a week from opening presales).

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