WonderPack – WonderSwan USB-C Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack


With all these recent upgrades and accessories for the WonderSwan (IPS LCD Kit, Headphone Adapter, Flash Cart, etc.) the WonderSwan is outgrowing its single AA battery.

Introducing a new USB-C rechargeable battery pack for the WonderSwan. 

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The Flash Masta WonderPack boasts:

  • 14+ Hours Of Play Time when using a backlit IPS LCD
  • USB-C Charge & Play allows you to charge while playing
  • Multicolor Heads-Up Battery Alerts notify you to save your game or start charging
  • Ergonomic Out-Of-The-Way Design to keep the original feel in normal or tate modes.
  • Built-In Display Stand is like a kickstand for your WonderSwan
  • WonderSwan Styled Molding contours with your WonderSwan Color or SwanCrystal
  • Long-Term Storage Safety Switch cuts power for peace of mind and long-term storage

Geeks will love the built-in:

  • Smart Charger Detection Technology
  • Ultra-Low Quiescent Stand-By Current
  • Charger Over-voltage Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection With Automatic Restart
  • Under-voltage Protection
  • Temperature Monitoring and Thermal Shutdown
  • Dynamic Power Management

Play Time

The red light alerts you when the battery gets low.

In our testing, we have seen anywhere from 10 hours to 18 hours of continuous battery life from our 2000mAh LiPo WonderPack.  Up to 18 hours may be achieved on minimum IPS LCD brightness with audio muted while playing an official cartridge.  Typical battery life is around 14.5 hours when playing at low brightness with normal speaker volume.  At the low end, if you’re playing on full brightness with maximum volume using a flash cartridge, you may experience 10 hours of play time.  Of course, the system can be played while charging to extend your play session indefinitely.

We actually didn’t test the play time with a normal/unmodified WonderSwan, because we made the WonderPack specifically to overcome the power draw problems that were introduced with the advent of the IPS LCD mods.  Based on some quick tests and some math, on the high end, you might get up to 2 days of continual playtime on an unmodified B&W WonderSwan using the WonderPack.

USB-C Smart Charging

The WonderPack will attempt to detect your USB-C charger to request power accordingly.  The WonderPack will pull approximately 850 milliamps (at 5V) from a detected charger when charging and playing at the same time.  Most of that will go toward the charging and the rest will go to the WonderSwan.  In this case, charging (while playing or not) should take around 3 hours.

If the WonderPack can’t detect your USB charger (like if it’s a “dumb” old-style USB adapter or it’s a charging-only cable without USB data lines), it will default to a lower charge rate.  It will also auto-detect if that charge rate is overtaxing the charger, in which case it will further reduce the charge rate until it’s no longer overtaxing the charger.  This state will likely take 4+ hours to charge the WonderPack.

Multidirectional Multicolor LED Notifications

The WonderPack features a LED alert area that directs the light toward the player and around the USB-C port.  This way, you can easily see the low-battery (red), charging (blue), and charged (green) status of the battery whether you are playing or while the system is plugged in on your shelf/desk.

Additional Information

The contour designed for the WonderSwan Color and SwanCrystal will stick out slightly when used in the WonderSwan (Black and White), but the functionality will not be affected.

The vertical battery “backpack” implementation was specifically designed to keep the feel of the original system.  The bulk of the battery is kept out of the way of your fingers in normal (landscape) and tate (portrait) play modes.  This also allows the WonderPack to double as a display stand.

The switch on the WonderPack cuts off all voltage to the exposed metal contacts.  When the WonderPack is not connected to a WonderSwan console, we recommend sliding this to the OFF position to eliminate any concern of it contacting anything else, but, don’t worry, the WonderPack’s built-in short-circuit protection is also there for you.  Sliding the switch OFF is also recommended when the WonderPack is expected to be unused for extended (month+) periods.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


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