WonderSwan Official Games Boxed With Manual


Used Bandai WonderSwan games, boxed with inserts as shown. All have been tested.

Look very closely at the photo associated with the game you want to purchase.  The photo shows all the items you will receive.  We are not guaranteeing that these boxed games include everything that they would have originally come with.  They come with what is shown in the photo and nothing more.

Please see our other listing for unboxed loose WS Games.

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These are used WonderSwan Bandai Games that come with the box and documentation. The games have been verified to work. The boxes show some wear and tear, but are in otherwise good condition.

A summary of all the games for sale is listed below:

SJW-BANC07 Kidou Senshi Gundam Vol. 1 – Side 7
SWJ-BANC29 From TV Animation One Piece – Grand Battle Swan Colosseum
SWJ-BANC0A SD Gundam Eiyuu Den – Kishi Densetsu
SJW-BANC14 Digimon Tamers – Digimon Medley
SJW-BANC32 Inuyasha – Kagome no Yume Nikki
SJW-BANC1B Inuyasha – Kagome no Sengoku Nikki

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