Wonderswan Cap Kit (WS, WSC, Swancrystal)


This is for experts only.  If you want to swap out the capacitors of your Wonderswan Black & White, Wonderswan Color, or Wonderswan SwanCrystal, here’s a kit of caps to recap your console.

We don’t recommend this for anyone inexperienced with soldering.  This is expert level stuff, and these are all surface-mount capacitors.  Watch some videos.  See if it’s for you.  Even just the process of removing the old capacitors can be troublesome if you’re not experienced and have the proper equipment.

In some cases, the capacitors that we could purchase are not the exact size that the original would be.  See below.

A fine-tipped soldering iron will be helpful.

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WS Color new/old C14

SwanCrystal new/old C15

On the Wonderswan Color, the new C14 is slightly larger circumference than the one being replaced.  It’s also very close to the cartridge socket.  We recommend that you add solder to the PCB pad closest to the cartridge socket and, while still applying heat to keep the solder molten, you slide the capacitor into place.   Then solder the other leg/pad.

On the SwanCrystal, C15 has a similar issue, but it is further away from the cartridge socket, so it’s not as tricky.



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