WonderSwan Color Refurbished With IPS LCD Installed


This is a USED/Refurbished WonderSwan Color console.  It has the WonderSwan Backlit IPS LCD Kit installed.  The photo shown here is only an example of the color of the console you will receive.  The one you receive should be in similar used condition to what is shown here.

When we install the IPS LCD kit, we now also install 3 new capacitors to replace the old capacitors on the main circuitboard of the Wonderswan console.

The IPS LCD kit has two touch sensors for brightness and palette settings.  These are installed at the top of the console.

If your choice says “With Box,” then it will come with an original box.  Otherwise, they come without a Wonderswan box.

If your choice says, “Reshelled,” then the shell has been replaced with a new reproduction shell.  Otherwise, they come in an original shell that has been cleaned up.

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WonderPack - WonderSwan USB-C Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack

With all these recent upgrades and accessories for the WonderSwan (IPS LCD Kit, Headphone Adapter, Flash Cart, etc.) the WonderSwan is outgrowing its single AA battery.

Introducing a new USB-C rechargeable battery pack for the WonderSwan. 

Out of stock

WonderBeat 9480 - WonderSwan Headphone Adapter

As the WonderSwan is a discontinued product, finding parts for it is very difficult. Not only is it difficult for you to find a headphone adapter, but it is impossible for us to find the original connector that was made to plug into the EXT port of the WonderSwan. Fortunately, we have found a solution that works very well!

The headphone adapter circuitry comes housed in a 3D printed shell.

Out of stock



This is a used WonderSwan Color that has been taken apart, cleaned, had the power button refurbished, and had the IPS LCD kit installed which includes a new front glass lens.

Please do your research on the WonderSwan IPS LCD Kit before you make a purchase, so that you know what you are getting.

WonderSwan Color consoles often have problems with the power button over time, so we refurbish the power button on both the circuit board and the rubber pad, so that it works much more consistently.

These consoles will show their age.  The translucent shells tend to show some yellowing.  The opaque shells tend to show some chips in their body or color rubbing off.  Please look over the photos carefully to see what sort of wear and aging to expect, but keep in mind that the console you receive may not be the one in the photo.

There are two touch sensors that get installed as part of the IPS LCD kit.  Here is an example of where they get installed.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in

Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink, Crystal Black, Crystal Blue, Crystal Orange, Pure Crystal Toys 'R' Us, Pearl Blue With Box, Pearl Pink With Box, Crystal Black With Box, Crystal Blue With Box, Final Fantasy White Reshelled, White Reshelled (not Final Fantasy), Final Fantasy White


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