WS Flash Masta USB (Cartridge for WonderSwan)


International Customers: Please scroll way down and read the “International Shipping Note” below.

Use the WS Flash Masta USB to upload files from your computer to the cartridge via built-in micro USB and play them on your WonderSwan, WonderSwan Color, or SwanCrystal console.

v5.3 (Same design as v5.2 and v5.1 with some very minor changes for manufacturing purposes.)

That the “Circuit Board Only” option will need to be installed into a plastic shell before you can use it in a Wonderswan console. You can use a plastic shell from another game you already own, but you’ll need to shave/cut some of the plastic (for example to make an opening for the USB and some other parts). Check out the following links if you’d like to try to 3D print your own cartridge shell.
MyMiniFactory WS Flash Masta Shell
Thingiverse WS Flash Masta Shell

The dust cover is an original official Wonderswan cartridge enclosure.  It is not 3D-printed.

Due to variations in 3D printing, the shell that you receive may not look exactly like the photos shown here.

Please read the full description for important information.

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